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Game by ThomasZakh and LlamaTemplar.

In a possible future, humans are scattered across a harsh world overrun by deadly storms. Fighting for control over the few idyllic havens, you must prove yourself as an effective tactician who can use limited resources to destroy your opponents. Choose your small fleet of specialized starships carefully and make creative use of truly three-dimensional strategies to achieve victory. Will your fleet become the dreaded Fire Fleet?

Pre-alpha, we're nowhere near done, but give the game a try!


StarLark, Hybrid corvette that pulls around units and shoots down enemy swarms
Ability 1: Gravity Chain - Attaches to the target, pulling it wherever this unit goes.

Apollo-class, Support frigate with advanced shield tech and ship-disabling weapons
Ability 1: Surguard Shield - Covers the target allied unit in a destructible shield. Cannot shield itself.
Ability 2: Storm Rockets - Fires ion rockets at the target unit, suppressing abilities. A unit overloaded with ions will also be disabled.

Boxcar, Hybrid frigate with a low-power defensive shield and variable weapons
Ability 1: Mode: Tech Shield - This unit is enveloped in a weak but quickly regenerating shield. Disables Rail Mode.
Ability 2: Mode: Rail Amp - Switches turrets into high-velocity mode, letting them hit enemy fighters. Disables Shield Mode.

Old Empire Frigate, Combat frigate capable of dangerously overclocking its own systems
Ability 1: Rapid Refire - Enables its turrets to fire continuously by temporarily suspending their cooling cycles.
Ability 2: Reactor Overload - Disables reactor cooling, causing a massive explosion after several seconds.

Bulkhead Cruiser, Support cruiser that heals allies and weakens enemy armor
Ability 1: Metasteel Pool - Temporarily borrows resources to create a health repair field around this unit.
Ability 2: Disintegrate - Fires a homing missile at the target which weakens armor and deals damage over time.

Redcoat, Hybrid cruiser which carries fighter swarms into combat
Ability 1: Launch Fighters - Deploys new fighters and moves them to the target. Limited uses.
Ability 2: Move Fighters - Fighters will follow the target, either protecting or attacking it.

Destroyer, Combat cruiser designed to win fights and games alone
Ability 1: Armor Well - Gradually drains armor from nearby enemy and allied units.
Ability 2: Hellrazor Superlaser - Fires a long-range cannon which deals damage based on the number of charges. Charges are obtained from destroying enemy units.

Install instructions

The zip contains a Data folder, a .exe, and a .bat. If you want to play in windowed mode, the .bat file can run the .exe in a borderless window (this is highly recommended).


Left click / drag to select

Ctrl+left click / drag to additively select

Ctrl+A to select all units

Right click to order movement / attack

Shift to change height of selected units

Right click to cancel height change / build preview

Q to use Ability 1

E to use Ability 2

F to open Command Wheel

WASD, arrow keys, or move cursor to edge of screen to pan camera

Z, C to raise / lower camera

Middle click to rotate camera

Tab to alternate teams

Backspace to restart scene

Escape to close game


011519.zip 43 MB
042019.zip 51 MB

Development log


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This game looks really fun even for me some one who doesn't like strategy games, I can't wait to play the finished game!

The ida of a truly 3D real-time strategy sounds pretty great. But it's still in early stage, so it'll be seen how it can be handled in reality. I liked the ship models, they look pretty neat. If you're interested, I think this game would have enough promise to do well in our annual Game Development World Championship!